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The research group Contemporary Literature: Theoretical and Comparative Studies (LiCETC) was established with the objective of studying literary texts from a theoretical and comparative perspective. Our starting point is the study of the Catalan literary system, but we are also interested in the interliterary contacts, interculturality and the practice of translation. Research team members are to be found in the areas of Literary Theory and Comparative Literature, Catalan Literature, Galician and Portuguese Philology and French Philology. The group’s main work is developed mainly at the Catalan Language and Literature Department of the Universitat de les Illes Balears.

Among LiCECTC’s main lines of research, experimental literary production should be mentioned as one of the prevailing ones. The group has been involved in the organisation of the seminar Poètiques de ruptura: teoria i pràctica del textualisme and the conference Transformacions: literatura i canvi sociocultural dels anys setanta ençà, linked to the research project Experimental Discourses in Catalan Literature (MEC, HUM2006-06108). Currently, the group is actively engaged in the research project Experimental Catalan Poetry 1970-1990: Discourses, Representations, Reception, Infrastructures of Dissemination and Sociocultural Framework (MEC, FFI2009-07086).

Another important area of interest lies in the increase in the spread of the current trends in Literary Theory and Comparative Literature. The organisation of the series of lectures Literatura comparada. Teories i aplicacions (2006-2007) and Literatura comparada. Orientacions i noves perspectives (2005-2006) represents a significative precedent to the group’s activity. At the present time, several of LiCETC’s members are integrated in the project Banc de recursos multimèdia per a l’estudi de la literatura (Multimedia Resource Bank for the Study of Literature), which is part of the Generalitat de Catalunya’s Program for the Teaching Quality Improvement, led by Dr. Laura Borràs Castanyer.

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