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Dr. Joseph Alexander Christie de Oleza

Dr. Joseph Alexander Christie de Oleza
Capítulo 6 ( Contratado Ramón y Cajal )


Currículum breve

40 peer reviewed publications (indexing from Web of Science) from which:

- 28 as first / last author (18 as corresponding author)

- 34 in the first quartile

- 17 in the first decile (Nature Microbiology, Nature Communications, ISME, Microbiome, Current Biology, Molecular & Cellular Proteomics, Environmental Science & Technology, J Hazardous Materials, Microbial Ecol)

- 1,617 citations (1,279 since 2016) Google Scholar

h-index of 19 (17 since 2016) Google Scholar

i10-index of 30 (24 since 2016) Google Scholar

8 PhD theses completed (6 as main supervisor)

3 PhD theses in process (3 as main supervisor)

Over €2.2M in research grants won as Principal Investigator (PI)

I recently moved from the University of Warwick to the University of the Balearic Islands (2019) as a Ramon y Cajal - an extremely competitive tenure track fellowship programme to attract talent in Spain. I have been an Independent Group Leader since 2013. In 2015 the University of Warwick (i.e. ranked among the ten best universities in the UK and in the top 100 across the world according to QS) offered me a position as an Assistant Professor based on my outstanding scientific trajectory. Throughout my career I have been externally funded through competitively won fellowships (Areces Foundation Fellowship, IEF Marie Curie Research Fellowship, NERC Independent Research Fellowship and, now, a Ramon y Cajal) demonstrating my ability not only to put forward original research ideas but also my capacity for managing my own research projects and generating outputs of high impact in the form of publications (see figure above). As a pro-active group leader, I have gained management skills through the development of my own vibrant research group, with eleven PhD students, a research technician and two postdocs. During my three main international career moves (i.e. Spain-France, France-UK, UK-Spain), I have developed a network of interdisciplinary and international collaborators.

My laboratory has two main lines of work in marine molecular ecology:

- Line 1: Marine microbial interactions - nutrient cycling and microbial evolution.

- Line 2: Ecology and biodegradation of marine plastic.


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Director de tesis durante el año académico 2022-23 en los siguientes programas de doctorado:

Docencia de los 5 años anteriores

Asignatura Información en el estudio donde la impartió
11079 - Trabajo de Fin de Máster
  • Máster Universitario en Microbiología Avanzada2021-22
11087 - Biotecnología Ambiental
11091 - Seminarios de Especialización
21509 - Laboratorio Integrado II


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Microbiología (Microbio) Miembro
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